A touch of spice!Nutmeg and cardamon fudge, nice combo, we like this one. Inspired by Indian sweets.£2.50 for 85g.All our fudges are hand-made in the Berwyn Mountains in Wales. They're made in small batches using good quality, fresh ingredients which, where possible, are locally sourced.This fudge will last for up to three weeks in a cool dry place, but we've found that most people just can't resist it so it's gone way before that month's up! (there's no need to keep it in the fridge)We're sure you'll enjoy The Little Fudge Box products and we're always trying out new flavours so be sure to check back here or on social media to see what we're doing!

Nutmeg and Cardamon Fudge

SKU: 0003
  • Sugar, butter, cream, nutmeg, cardamon (and that's all that's in it!)


    All our products are made where nuts and other potential allergens are handled.

    All our fudges are gluten free - yay!

  • We make all our fudge freshly to order and for the numerous events we go to. We're pretty quick off the  mark when an order comes in so usually have the fudge made, packed and posted within 24 hours. Occasionally we give ourselves a day off, so this may be 36 hours, but whatever it's fresh and quick!

    No need to put it in the fridge, in fact the flavours are better at room temperature! We make by hand, genuinely by hand from beginning to end, so there may inevitably be some variation between batches, but hey, we've been doing this for a few years now so we're pretty consistant. 

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