Hand made fudge and designing fudge gift box illustrations in the Welsh Mountains (and some mountain walking as well!)

The Little Fudge Box


We love cooking. Everything, everything we cook or prepare in our kitchen is freshly made (in fact I don't think a ready-meal has come into the house for nearly a decade!) We make all our own breads, soups, cakes, jams, pickles, chutneys - almost everything - including fudge and sweets.!

We're very privileged to live up in the mountains of Wales surrounded by hills, moors, big skies, woodlands and lots of  farmers and growers producing high quality produce. All our fudge and other foods are hand-made in small batches. This will inevitably give very slight variations in each batch, but hey, that's home-made for you. If you want everything to taste the same, get mass-produced factory food and that's just not what we're about at The Little Fudge Box!

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