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Hot Chocolate Chilli fudge drink

If you have to pick one thing to try with our Chocolate Chilli fudge, it HAS to be this, I’ve just made and tried some of this hot chilli chocolate drink and I have to say it turned out to be even better than I expected, really really tasty! It even got the thumbs up from my 5 children, who have begged me to make some more for them to drink for their film night tonight!



  • A packet of Chilli Chocolate fudge from the little fudge box

(I used 4 cubes in this recipe, about half a bag but you could use more, or less to suit)

  • Some wooden skewers

  • Enough full fat milk to fill a cup or mug

  • Some mini marshmallows and/or cream to top



  • Heat milk until it simmers and pour into cup.

  • Skewer first cube of fudge and stir into hot milk until melted

  • Add more chilli chocolate fudge as required

  • Use a teaspoon to check there are no lumps of chocolate fudge remaining, if you find any keep stirring until they are fully melted into the milk

  • Top as you please with mini marshmallows and cream

  • ENJOY!

(Note, do not feel tempted to add any sugar or sweetener, you will find the fudge sweetens the milk perfectly)


And the best thing about this is, you could really have some fun trialing your own mix of flavours. How about a salted caramel liqueur drink? Or try a few cubes of honey with a few cubes of lemon together? Hot milky baileys and pistachio drink maybe? Or try a creamy hot latte with our latte fudge!

Have a look at all the flavours we do to come up with some of your own combinations...

Maybe try...

Here‘s a link to our website where you can browse the fudge flavours we have and come up with your own hot milky flavour combo! Littlefudgebox


This is such a quick and super easy recipe to make and as our fudge is made with quality ingredients without a whole list of unnecessary additives, your chocolatey hot fudge drink will be the same, but most importantly of all, it’s soooo yummy.

They don’t feel like they should go together, but somehow they are a perfect tastebud match. Creamy, velvety chocolate (we use 100% cocoa powder in our fudge) and then a flush of warmth from the chilli, perfect anytime but especially nice on a winters evening next to a crackling fire to toast your toes!

We also have our fudge available here on our Etsy page.

This fudgey chocolatey drink has worked so well I think I might create another blog with some new fudge drink experiments, so keep an eye out!


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