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Tulip greeting card and wrap

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

We are very excited to launch the first in a series of greetings cards with a matching fudge gift box wrap to make the perfect present. They are all left blank inside so that you can use them for any occasion, be it birthday, anniversary, get well soon, thinking of you, moving house...and of course with Mother's day just around the corner, this (and a box of fudge hehe) would make a lovely gift.

You are most welcome to have a look at our fudge gift boxes and make an order or message us if you so wish to on our website at little fudge box

We can also include your message inside the card as well so that it can be sent to its' recipient directly. An endless list of possibilities to put a smile on somebody's face.


The gift cards can be ordered on their own, or in packs of 2 or 5, and of course can be an added extra to accompany the fudge gift boxes. We will soon be offering the chance to pick and mix cards as well, but you can always drop us a message to say what you'd like if you needed to. We are pretty versatile!

As well as on our own website, the gift boxes are available to purchase on our Etsy page.


Did You Know...

  • The Tulip is related to another spring flower, the Lily (I didn't know that) as well as onions, garlic and asparagus.

  • The Tulip has acquired it's name from the Persian word 'delband' meaning turban, because of the flowers' turban shape, or some believe because it was the flower of choice worn on turbans at the time. (I didn't know that either)!

  • At one point in history known as 'Tulip mania' Tulips were the most expensive flower in the world costing ten times what an average working man earned in a year! Phew!

  • Currently Tulips are the third most popular flower in the world (Roses and Chrysanthemums pip the post) and are the second choice given on Valentines Day after of course, the Red Rose.

  • Symbolically, they are known for 'perfect love'


You can find this card and others (and there will be more to come) on our Etsy page


So, with all that in mind, here's a look at the the new tulip cover wrapped fudge gift box. The flavours surrounding it are the ones we use if you're not sure what to choose and would like us to do this job for you.

Otherwise, as with all fudge gift box orders you can select your own flavours from those on our website.



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