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Spring Daffodils Fudge Gift Box

Had to share our latest fudge box wrap with you, our ‘Daffodils’ fudge box wrapper, perfect for a Spring gift or for Easter time, or in fact for any time of the year, it’s such a bright and beautiful flower with its signature yellow trumpet like blooms It just oozes happiness and hints of a summer to come.

We think our fudge box colour green really complements the daffodil yellows. As always, this is available to purchase from our website, littlefudgebox and from our Etsy page. We have plans of using this design for a greetings card and poster as well so look out for those when we release them.


Rewind a little bit...

Taking inspiration from these lovely flowers which are springing up in bunches all over the place at the moment, we set to work on a fudge cover design. This is where we were with it a few days ago, as you can see, a work in progress and coming along nicely.

You are more than welcome to have a look at some of our other gift box designs, single or multiple bags of fudge and our new addition, gift cards to match the fudge box illustrations here on our website littlefudgebox or on our Etsy page.

We hope that everyone enjoys all that the Springtime has to offer, and the promise of summer ahead.


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