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Sock Knitting (Followed by some yummy Bakewell fudge)

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

So, this is one of the things I enjoy doing to relax and (pardon the pun) rewind...

Sock Knitting (Followed by some yummy Bakewell fudge)

I have knitted and crocheted a few different things now but always return to socks. There‘s something about the repetitiveness of knitting in the round and the almost mesmerising way that the self patterning sock yarn forms itself into gorgeous stripes of colour that just makes sock knitting so easy and satisfying.

I was taught to knit some years ago now when I became a member of a local knitting group; and even though I haven’t made it to a session for a very long time, I often think about that group and the lovely people in it.

Two of those group members now run the popular yarn shop and cafe, Ewe and Ply in Oswestry and their ethical way of thinking and sourcing supplies very much echo our own for The Little Fudge Box. The lovely yarn you see above was purchased from Ewe and Ply and as well as looking good it also has a great texture to it and I know once these socks are knitted up they are going to be super warm to wear.

We try wherever we can to use local, quality ingredients such as Mug Run Coffee (the freshly ground coffee of which we use in our latte fudge), who are based in North Wales and local honey (used in our Honey fudge - of course) made from bees living in our valley.

Settling down with a good film, a warm cosy blanket and a roaring fire, sock knitting in hand, it’s always nice to have a little sweet treat within reach and today my flavour choice has been won over by the marvellous marzipan almondy taste of our Bakewell fudge. As always you can have a good browse of all we have to offer and make any purchases on our website or on our Etsy page.


And they are finished!

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