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Ludlow Farmers Market October 2020,

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

A sunny, if a bit chilly, day at the Local to Ludlow Market and the usual range of really nice quality producers with really excellent products or harvests!

I couldn’t resist a pick and mix selection (4kg in total!) of apples. It wasn’t offered as a pick and mix, it I just couldn‘t choose from the freshly picked selection so had a few of each. Rather marvellous.

All of these are producers who I know well and regularly work alongside, there’ve been highs and lows we’ve seen through 2020 and Covid with almost all of our fellow stallholders on the market having some really tough times but we’re all still here and committed to producing quality products. If you’ve not been to a farmers market give it a go, great to chat to preople who have such depth of knowledge of the food they’re growing or making or the items they’re making and also the chance to buy those amazing things!

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