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Land rover Greetings Card and Matching Fudge Gift Box.

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

We love Landrovers, and we know we’re not alone! Whilst we appreciate all Landrovers, there‘s something extra special about the older vintage ones. So we hope that you like our newest addition to our transport collection, (more soon to follow). We thought the outdoors, muddy background green was perfect for this illustration, and it looks equally fab in gift wrap form on our fudge boxes.


You can purchase this card on our Etsy page, and have a look at some of the other greetings cards we have available there. As this is a new string to our fudgebox bow, we’ve only a few gift cards so far, but keep your eyes peeled as we are ever increasing and adding to our range.

You can purchase just a single card, or in packs of two or five. The cards are blank to enable you to use them for numerous different occasions. We can also add a personalised message for you if you would like to send the card directly to its‘ recipient.


We think that pairing the card with the matching gift wrapped box makes a great, personalised gift. You can choose 5 bags of handmade fudge from those listed on our website. As we are very conscious of the environmental impact we all have on the planet, we have made sure our packaging is recyclable. Even our fudge packets are made from a compostable material.

If you are in a rush and don’t (or can’t) have time to choose the flavours then we will include our standard mix of 2 vanilla, 1 rum raisin, 1 honey and 1salted caramel liqueur. We can also include a personalised message on the side of the box as well if you request it. You can purchase this Landy fudge filled gift box on our website, littlefudgebox or on our Etsy page.


Did You Know...

  • The first Landrover had the steering wheel positioned in the middle.

  • In the 1950’s a Landrover was built with tracks instead of wheels to allow it to travel over boggy ground in Scotland! It was so successful, that it later went into production!

  • Landrover was the maker of the first ‘Monster Truck’. In the 50’s the forestry commission wanted a vehicle that could travel on roads but also be capable of tackling the deepest, biggest muddy puddles. Landrover added 4 tractor tyres and beefed-up axels from a studebaker and voila, the first Monster Truck.

  • Our iconic Landy has even reached the big screen in some equally iconic films, as the city cabs in Judge Dredd, or James Bonds car in Spectre, even Lara Croft’s converted defender 110 in Tomb Raider. We think the landy will forever remain a star of the British car scene.


We have many more themed fudge filled gift boxes and a growing array of cards on our main website littlefudgebox, or on our Etsy page. you are very welcome to have a browse at what we have to offer. If you’ve any questions you would like to ask, we are always available to answer them as best we can.


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