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Knitting Greeting Card

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

The next addition in our Greetings Card launch is here! You can find it, and others, on our Etsy page.

We give you every knitters delight, wool, wool, wool and wool! (We did debate on whether to include crochet hooks too, and we thought we'd not mix them, instead we'll be creating a second crochet version of this card, so watch out crochet lovers)

On a personal note, I love knitting, (and crocheting actually) so this card is right up my street! I'm certain that there are many other ladies, mums, sisters and friends who would appreciate this as well, but let's not be sexist and exclude men, I know there are a fair few male knitters out there who'd like this card too.

I'm pretty certain that the craft of knitting began as a male orientated activity, (I'm going to go away and research that now)! But a story about seafaring men cable knitting their own patterned jumpers to enable identification if ever a tragedy at sea occurred comes to mind, grim thought I know...



So our lovely Knitting themed card can be purchased on it's own, or as a pack of 2 or 5. The card can also be partnered with a matching fudge gift box, the two making a gorgeous gift for a loved one or friend.

The fudge gift box is packed full with five bags of your choosing, just head to our website, The Little Fudge Box to view the range of flavours we have, all hand made, gluten-free and in compostable packaging. The card is blank inside so is just waiting for you to add your birthday, get well soon, thankyou or, for those knitting mums out there, a Mother's Day message. (If preferred we can write your message for you so that you can have your card/gift sent directly). Just let us know when you make your order.



Did You Know

  • Knitting is thought to be older than crochet, but younger than weaving.

  • Knitting was initially a male only occupation. The first knitting union was founded in Paris in 1527 and it was for men only, women were not allowed. (I was right! Funny how society changes isn't it).

  • Studies have proved that knitting benefits mental health.

  • Early needles were made from ivory, bone and tortoise shell.

  • The word Knit comes from the old English cynttan, meaning 'to knot'.



If you're unsure about which flavours of fudge to include in your gift box, these are the ones we will automatically put in for you. Two vanilla, Honey, Rum and Raisin and Salted Caramel Liquour. You can find the whole range of fudge, personalised gift boxes and cards on our website or our Etsy page.

Have fun browsing! (and knitting for all of those who do)!


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