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From sneak peek to almost finished

Well, after a hard days work on the illustration we’re almost there with the Christmas dogs wrapper design. We’ve used the Border Collie from the first dog design that we created and decided on another 5 dog breeds which we thought would make a great cover design. These 5 will also become the basis for other non-Christmassy dog designs since the Border Collie has been so popular.

There are a few more tweaks to this cover and then we’ll be down to the printers in the morning to get the proof copies done and then all ready to go live! (and then I’m really looking forward to getting out on a decent walk in the mountains, it feels like I’ve been sitting down illustrating for a little too long at the moment!)

We’ve got a few more Christmas designs that we’re working on so lots more time illustrating over the next week but hopefully they’ll all be finished in around a week.

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