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Collaborating With Businesses. (It's a Fudgy Business)

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

We are most excited to now be offering this service to businesses far and wide. We can provide single units of our fudge in their compostable bags available in larger quantities. Bulk orders suitable for staff or customer hampers, or any other kind of corporate event that might be happening. We can place company logos onto our fudge labels to prominently display a business.

We are delighted to have been working recently with A.N. Richards of Froncysyllte near Llangollen to provide them with bags of our crumbly, melt in the mouth handmade bags of fudge requested for staff and customer gifts. A.N Richards who deal in the motor trade are a family run business established in 1962, and have been very pleased with their personalised package of bulk fudge. We are looking forward to supplying them with more in the future and collaborations with other businesses, large or small!


Featured today is our ever popular chocolate fudge. This fudge is divine just as it is, we use 100% cocoa to give chocolatey perfection and if you're needing spicing up a bit, you could try our chocolate chilli if you like a bit of fire in your fudge!

At events and shows we have exhibited at, customers have asked about the strength of the chilli used in our chocolate, and after having sampled some we have found that tastes vary. Those of you who eat a lot of hot spicy food tended not to find the chilli fudge overly powerful in intensity, but those who rarely eat hot spicy food found our chilli chocolate fudge pretty hot. Makes sense I suppose! You'll have to try some to see where your taste buds lie! Do let us know if you do...

As always you can have a browse on our website The Little Fudge Box or on our Etsy page


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