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Chocolate Fudge Biscuits

Deliciously indulgent….



I have recently started making biscuits for a few reasons;

~ I could not find any biscuits whilst out shopping without palm oil (A BIG no no for us)

~Making my own biscuits works out a whole lot cheaper

~It’s fun to do and satisfying to see (and taste) the results

~You know exactly what’s going into them

I came across this recipe and adapted it a little to our taste and it’s fair to say that my kids LOVE these! Having a few children living in my household, (always hungry) it helps to have an airtight tin of these and to have some on hand for lunchboxes too. But, the tin is kept high up out of reach and we eat as a treat, ‘everything in moderation’ as the saying goes…

If you‘d like to have a go making these here’s what you will need:


I n g r e d i e n t s

  • 450g self raising flour

  • 450g salted butter

  • 220g caster sugar

  • 110 cocoa powder (We use minimum 85% cocoa)

  • 2 tbs vanilla extract

  • 1 (or 2) bags of Little Fudge Box’s Chocolate fudge.

You can purchase some of this delicious chocolate fudge at our online store Little Fudge Box or on our Etsy page.

(Note you could try this recipe with a different flavour of your choosing, maybe chilli chocolate if you’re wanting a bit of a warming kick)…

The above will make approximately 30 biscuits so if you wish to reduce the ingredients to suit then please do so.



M e t h o d

Heat oven to 180c

  1. In a mixing bowl or electric mixer if you prefer, blend the butter and sugar together until it is soft, white and fluffy.

  2. Add the other ingredients and mix. You will find the mixture to be quite firm, my mixer struggled a little but be patient and keep going.

  3. Chop up the chocolate fudge into smaller chunks and you can either add to the mixture and stir, or keep to one side and add a few pieces to each dough ball as you make them.

  4. Using your hands, roll small balls of the mixture so that it fits comfortably and neatly in the palm of your hand. You should be able to make around 30 of these.

  5. As you go, flatten each one slightly into a disc shape and place on greaseproof lined tray.

  6. Place in the oven for 15 minutes and then take out and leave to cool (they should still be quite squidgy to touch) a while before transferring biscuits to a wire wrack.

  7. Place in an airtight container and enjoy!


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